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Blxck Vanila - artista colaboradora de Morning Glory Tattoo, Valencia

The style that Blxckvanila feels most comfortable with is blackwork with textured shading (dotwork). Her themes are quite versatile, she is able to work from the delicacy and elegance of peonies to the aggressiveness and darkness of skulls and demons. 


Since she was a child she has loved drawing and although in high school she had to put it aside due to lack of time, as soon as she finished university she returned to it. It is here when she realized that tattooing was the closest way to dedicate herself to her hobby.

Within the tattoo world, she has discovered that it also allows her to travel and meet and learn from other artists, both at conventions and as a guest at other studios.

When she is not drawing, she likes to spend time with her family, her dog, and her friends, exercising, watching series and playing League of Legends.

See her Instagram .

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