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¿how to care for your new tattoo?

Follow these steps to heal your tattoo and prevent infection:

1# remove the plastic after a couple of hours.

You´ll leave the studio with your tattoo protected by plastic film. After 1 or 2 hours, remove the film with clean hands. Do NOT reuse the same plastic. We´ll advise you if you need to re-cover your tattoo with clean plastic film (see below, point 6#). 


2# clean

Carefully wash your tattoo with luke warm or cold water (not too hot) and a neutral soap, until all the body fluids have been washed away.


3# dry

Carefully dry your tattoo with clean kitchen paper. 


4# apply a thin layer of tattoo after care cream

When your tattoo is completely dry, apply a VERY thin layer of tattoo after care cream (very thin, because an excess of moisture can negatively affect your tattoo).


5# maintain your tattoo clean and hydrated

CLEAN, DRY and APPLY CREAM 3-4 times a day. Follow this process for 1-2 weeks, until your tattoo has healed.

6# ¿should i cover my tattoo with plastic film?

We recommend that for the first night or two, that you cover your tattoo with clean plastic film to avoid contact with the sheets. And for the first 1 or 2 days, if you are wearing clothing on top of your tattoo, it is also better to cover it. If not, best that your tattoo heals in the open air. 

¿what NOt  to do?

  1. DO NOT scratch, rub or touch your fresh tattoo. If scabs form, let them fall off naturally, do NOT pick them. 

  2. DO NOT use a sponge to clean your tattoo – it is better to clean with your hands or kitchen paper.

  3. DO NOT wet your tattoo in a swimming pool, sea, bath, sauna, nor jacuzzi. Dirty water can infect your tattoo. But please shower!

  4. DO NOT allow your tattoo to be in contact with dust, grease, dirty water, animals or tight or irritating clothing.

  5. DO NOT do sports or exercise in the first couple of days. 

  6. DO NOT expose your tattoo to the sun.

  7. DO NOT use sun protection cream until your tattoo is healed.

  8. DO NOT apply an excess of tattoo aftercare cream.


Poor care of your tattoo during the healing process can cause infection, and therefore the quality of your tattoo. If you experience symtoms of infection, or allergy, you should consult your dermatologist or doctor.

Once healed, you should always apply sun cream on your tattoo to maintain the quality and prevent damage. 


If you have any concerns after your appointment, please come by the studio and speak to us.

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